Web Technology Fundamentals

Hi, Today in this article of Web Technology Fundamentals, we going see some Web Technology that built in today in the Internet.

W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)
Is the main international standards organization for the World Wide Web.
I- Typical Browser Components
In any kind of Browser's Components there is :

1- Browser UI
This is the Browser User Interface where there is the Address Bar, Menu and other Graphical Components

2- Internet Engine
The component which responsible for Direct Communication.

3- Rendering Engine (Layout Engine)
This one of basic things which responsible of Transfer the HTML Code into layout.
- Gecko = Mozilla Firefox - Firefox OS - Thunderbird
- Khtml = KDE - Konqueror
- Presto = Opera 13 (No Longer Exist)
- Webkit = Safari - WebOS
- Blink = Chrome - Opera 14+ - Android

4- JavaScript Engine
Obviously this is the one who responsible for executing the JavaScript Code
- V8 Engine = Chrome
- Rhino / SpiderMonkey = Mozilla Firefox
- Nitro = Safari

5- Networking
 Here we find all components of protocols (HTTP,FTP,...)

6- Dara Storage
Here we store data of Internet and managing sessions.

II- Web Stack
A group of software that work in together to build in and process web sites

MAMP = Mac, Apache, MySQL, PHP
WAMP = Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP
WISA  = Windows, IIS, MsSQL, .NET
MARS = MySQL, Apache, Ruby, Solaris
LAMP = Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP

 III- CSS Preprocessors
Is to code CSS in advantage way, rather than a lot of lines, you write less and get more .
Example :

We have 3 type of CSS Preprocessor :
Sass (http://sass-lang.com/)
Less (http://lesscss.org/)
Styles (https://learnboost.github.io/stylus/)




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