Basics of Programming Fundamentals

In this article we will see some of the Basics of Programming Fundamentals of different languages, So.

What's is the different language:
There are al lot of different type of Programming language depend on how they work, how strong they are, how they managing the memory and the type of them:

As you can see different type of language, Based from Strong they are to Communicate With CPU.
Low-Level Languages : (Assembly -> C) To
High-Level Languages : (C++ -> Objective-C -> Java, C#, VB.Net -> Ruby, Python -> JavaScript, ActionScript).

And based on how they work :
Compiled : C, C++, Objective-C
Interpreted : PHP, JavaScript, Python
Hybrid : Java, C#, VB.Net

And type they are :
Procedural : Pascal, C, Assembly,...
Oriented-Object : Java, Ruby, Python,...

And how they managing the Memory :
Manual : They are quite close to the machine code, if you work with (C, Assembly) you have to do a lot of work to free or allocate memory you're using !
Reference Counting : (C++, Objective-C ) Using The counting technique, when keep counter of who he use the object and free the object when the counting reach 0.
Garbage Collection : (Java, C#, VB.NET) Using this technique, the system will keep tracking how much memory you're application is using and in some point of the program life-time the system will scan through all you're object and figure out wish one are still unused and clear them, BUT this technique you don't know when will happen. bu you can call it !
Automatic : Scripting Language clear the memory automatic !

Some Programming Fundamentals Terms:

Pseudocode : is writing the program instructions in plain English, so normal people can understand !.

Multithreading : is like calling a function in the program but instead of jumping to it, we can create a threat .
A thread is a single sequence stream within in a process. Because threads have some of the properties of processes, they are sometimes called lightweight processes.
It's like two things happen in the same time (the main program and the threat).

Exploring The Languages :

C : Is for advanced and Strongly programming, is pure procedural language.

Java : Cross-Platform "Write once, run anywhere!", is object-oriented language. With hole library (Require JVM to run Applications)

VB.NET, C# : Is for Microsoft Platform (Require .NET Framework to run applications). Language for Desktop Apps, WebApps (ASP.NET) and Mobile Apps (Windows Phone).

Ruby : The purest Oriented-Object Language, cross-platform.

Python : Easy language, cross-platform, webapps .

Objective-C : It's C with Oriented-Object and Compiled Language, for Apple Platform




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