Git and Github Tutorial

Welcome to Git and Github tutorial, my name is OUSSAMA AMRI and i'm the owner of

In this tutorial we going learn how to use git to manage files and source code.
We'll look at the fundamental concepts behind all version control systems and
then gain an understanding of the architecture that Git uses.

we're going to cover all the fundamentals that you need to use Git for source code management. So let's get started learning about Git.

Introduction - Part 1

Install Git - Part 2

Start With GIT - Part 3

Git Concepts and Architecture - Part 4 

Making changes to files - Part 5

Undoing Changes - Part 6

Ignore Files - Part 7

Navigating the commit tree - Part 8

The Branch - Part 9 

Merging Branches - Part 10 

Stashing Changes - Part 11

Remote Repository - Part 12





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