Git and Github Tutorial - introduction - Part 1

Hi, Today in iThePro we will learn how to use Git and how to use with Github to build software and develop it. In this part we will see a simple introduction about Git.

What is git:
Git is a software that keep track of changes.
Git is refereed to as a version control System (VCS).


a) SCCS (Source Code Control System) 1972.
b) RCS (Revision Control System) 1982.
c) CVS (Comcurrent Version System) 1990.
d) SVN (Apache Subversion) 2000.
e) bitkeeper SCM 2000.
f) Git is born - 2005 - by Linus Torvalds.

Distributed Version Control:
Different users maintain their own repositories instead of working from a central repository.

See the Git and Github Tutorials.




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