IRC for beginners

Today in iThePro we will take a small and simple idea of IRC.
IRC (Internet Relay Chat), IRC is a like a protocol and when we talk about protocol there are a server and client for that. So we can find a client and a Server for IRC . More On Wikipedia .

1) For IRC Client we have for example:
- irssi (Mac SO,Unix,Windows) here.
- xChat (Windows, Unix) here.
- Etc (Search for IRC Client it almost support all platform (OS) those days).

2) And for IRC Server :
- ircd-irc2 (Unix) .
-Etc (Search for it …).

Ok, so once you run the client of IRC you will need then to establish connection between you and the server and to do that you have to get a IRC Server address to connect to it and start chatting on you're favorite channel (PS : All channels start with hash # ).

3) IRC Terms :
Bot : it's like a robot .

NickServ : it's a bot for the network or server of IRC . His work is based to serve all irc clients.
Like register and identify clients.

Chanserv : it's also a bot for control rules of channel made by administrator.

Memoserv : same think his a bot, but his work is when some nickname (client) send msg to some one who his not currently online, so the Memoserv will save and keep the msg until the client logo in.

4) Popular IRC Network here .

Now let's go head and see some IRC Command ligne :

* This command is to connect to the server !! *

/SERVER -ssl
* This Command is to connect to the server in a secure mode *

* This is to set up you're nick Name *
Example => “/NICK ithepro“

/Join #Favorite-Channel
* This for joining into Channel *
Example => /Join #corelan

* This to disconnect the connection *

* Start a private chat to some one !!! *
Example => /MSG amriunix hello, how are you ???

* Similar to /msg but it will pop up a window *
Example => /QUERY amriunix
To close the window, just type : “/QUERY”

To Leave the conversation.

* Clear the Screen !! *

/IGNORE <mask> <types> <options>
* To ignore someone or channel *
<mask> : host mask to ignore
<types> : type of things to ignore, all or one of :
<option> : NOSAVE QUIET

/ignore <nickname> [ALL] : ignore <nickname> from all Things .
/ignore #channel MODES JOINS PARTS QUITS : ignore all type of notifications on channel.

/UNIGNORE : To remove ignore thinks you made up !!!

* to gathering information about someone *
/whois <nickname>

/CTCP <nickname> VERSION
* identify client version of the nickname *

/PING <nickname>
* Ping the nickname machine *

/TOPIC #channel
* Get Topic Information about the channel you joined *

* Search for all channels in the network *

/DCC send <nickname> <File-Path>
* Send file to some one *

/DCC get <nickname-sender>
* Receive file from the sender *

/MSG NickServ help <command>
* Send ms to the nickser asking about help *
/MSG Chanserv help <command>
* Send ms to the chanserv asking about help *




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